United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Chair: Graciela Rayome
Assistant Director: Lillian Peterson

Committee Topics:

Topic A: Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela


The country of Venezuela is currently in the midst of an unprecedented economic and political crisis, with soaring inflation, severe food and medicine shortages, high crime rates, and a president cracking down on dissent and opposition. According to the Washington Post, nearly 1 million Venezuelans have fled their homeland in the past two years, overwhelming neighboring countries with humanitarian and logistical challenges. However, the crisis in Venezuela is not yet considered a humanitarian crisis by the United Nations. In this conference, UNOCHA will discuss whether the Venezuelan crisis should be considered a humanitarian one, ways to provide aid to the country, and sustainable solutions to the crisis at large.


Topic B: Role of Corporate entities in providing Humanitarian Aid

Corporations currently serve a large role in providing humanitarian aid, both in disasters and humanitarian crises. They can match the donations of their employees, donate funds, provide medical supplies, food, water, and software, send their employees to volunteer, and provide applied expertise in IT, consulting, and logistics. As governments across the world lower their budgets for international humanitarian aid, companies have stepped in with the technical know-how, financial power, and logistic support to assist people in need. However, there are currently no regulations as to when and how they provide assistance. In this conference, UNOCHA will discuss the role of corporations in providing humanitarian aid in disasters and crises and whether or not their aid should be regulated in favor of governments and NGOs.


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