Pfizer: Board of Directors

Chair: Nicole Flowerhill
Assistant Director: Grant Zhao
Crisis Director: Randy Short

Committee Topics


Topic A: Access to and Transport of Medicine:

As one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer distributes products internationally. However, exactly what percentage of the world gets access to modern medicine? This committee will discuss increasing access to medicine in developing countries and the transportation of medicine globally. We will also discuss its effects on illegal trade or off-brand/counterfeit sales of medical products and on traditional medicine.


Topic B: Environmental Impact of Medicine Production:

From an industrial aspect, Pfizer significantly contributes to the growing amount of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Despite having reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the past, the board will discuss strategies to mitigate the company's environmental impact both in the factory through atmospheric pollution and waste disposal as well as in the wild when extracting raw materials.