History of HenMUN


HenMUN began as the idea of Max Kramer, a University of Delaware student, in 2011. After Max recruited his friends, and a staff of dedicated Delaware students, the details for HenMUN I were finalized. HenMUN I was held in March of 2013. With over 350 delegates in attendance from across the country, HenMUN I was an overwhelming success, and it set the stage for all future HenMUN sessions.

Best Delegate called HenMUN "full of fresh ideas" and "incredibly well executed." Centered on realism and providing delegates with a unique Model United Nations experience, HenMUN I presented unprecedented scenarios to the delegates of all committees, even non-crisis committees. Best Delegate wrote an article about the first HenMUN, and took hundreds of pictures of the event.

To build on the successes of HenMUN I, the HenMUN staff elected Gabi Schwartz, the previous year's Under-Secretary-General for Specialized Agencies to be the HenMUN II Secretary-General. Gabi and her staff maintainined what was created during the first year and built on that success with new ideas for committees and logistics. HenMUN II was just as successful as the first edition of the conference with debate procedures developed by staff to make unique committees all the more realistic. New committees and improved relations made the HenMUN delegate experience one of the best and most innovative on the circuit.

HenMUN III was held under the leadership of Elyssa Abuhoff, who had seen both sides of the conference. She used this knowledge to bring new ideas to HenMUN. Small improvements to the conference weekend, building off past advisor and delegate feedback, were implemented to perfect the experience for all in attendance. The integration of different substantive organs provided an unparalleled experience for delegates. Unique committees discussed issues that were simultaneously being debated in real-world diplomatic meetings which  provided students with an improved sense of realism. HenMUN III was also an outstanding success.

The HenMUN staff then elected Kevin Konzelman as the Secretary-General of HenMUN IV. As Director-General for HenMUN III, Kevin had extensive experience being at the head of the conference. He used his prior knowledge of the logistical and substantive planning that goes into the conference to better HenMUN in innovative ways, further growing HenMUN's reputation on the Model UN circuit. HenMUN IV became the largest session of HenMUN attracting just over 500 delegates from 30 schools in 7 states.

Following the conclusion of HenMUN IV, the staff elected Chief of Staff Gerard Weir to be the Secretary-General for HenMUN V. HenMUN V became the first session of HenMUN to introduce a conference wide theme and also saw improvements to the delegate social experience including improvements to the Saturday night Delegate Dance and a new time and location for the Ice Cream Social. The delegates of HenMUN V fully embraced the theme of diplomacy and engaged in lively and diplomatic debate, making HenMUN V a great success.

HenMUN V Secretary-General Gerard Weir became the first HenMUN Secretary-General to have the privelage of serving a second term. Gerard is looking forward to spending his senior year working with his dedicated staff and Secretariat to use his previous experience to make HenMUN VI the most successful yet!

Past Secretariats

HenMUN I: 2013

Secretary-General: Max Kramer
Director-General: Patrick O'Gorman
USG Administration: Phil Livingston
USG General Assembly: Christie Gidumal
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Trey Taraila
USG Specialized Agencies: Gabi Schwartz
USG Delegate Relations: Alex Bahary

HenMUN II: 2014

Secretary-General: Gabi Schwartz
Director-General: Trey Taraila
USG Administration: Alex Bahary
Chief of Staff: Jimmy Cavanagh
USG General Assembly: Will Rehrig
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Christie Gidumal
USG Specialized Agencies: Yousef Aly
USG Delegate Relations: Elyssa Abuhoff

HenMUN III: 2015

Secretary-General: Elyssa Abuhoff
Director-General: Kevin Konzelman
USG Administration: Yousef Aly
Chief of Staff: Samara Badash
USG General Assembly: Chris Merken
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Melissa Verlaque
USG Specialized Agencies: Eden Sung
USG Delegate Relations: Sara Cannizzaro

HenMUN IV: 2016

Secretary-General: Kevin Konzelman
Director-General: Micah Petersen
USG Administration: Allie Chapman
Chief of Staff: Gerard Weir
USG General Assembly: Chris Merken
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Rachel Travis
USG Specialized Agencies: Laura Holt
USG Business and Hospitality: Alyssa Dugan

HenMUN V: 2017


Secretary-General: Gerard Weir
Director-General: Micah Petersen
Director Administration: Kayla Snyder
Chief of Staff: Ariana Gannon
USG General Assembly: Nick Konzelman
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Olivia Davis
USG Specialized Agencies: Nate Shannon
Director of Business and Hospitality: Gabriella Ward


HenMUN VI: 2018

Secretary-General: Gerard Weir
Director-General: Nick Konzelman
Director of Administration: Kayla Snyder
Chief of Staff: Dave Strong
USG General Assembly: Smriti Shah
USG ECOSOCs & Regional Bodies: Grant Zhao
USG Specialized Agencies: Brandon Hunter
Director of Business and Hospitality: Gabriella Ward



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All-American Model UN: "A young but exceptional conference for schools that value quality, negotiation, and personal attention. The Secretariat operates with a great deal of flexibility to accommodate as many requests from schools as possible. HenMUN is a terrific conference for your and developing organizations and the conference puts a tremendous effort into providing support for new schools."

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